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Details about the tour, if one is included, can be part of the interview day schedule that is sent out ahead of time, as well. How to disclose; how not to disclose and “appear in abled drag,” as one participant said; and knowing what red flags to look for are all aspects of an interview that require additional reflection. The caveat to offering options like this, though, is that candidates should not feel additional judgment or pressure to pick one or another option; options need to be offered, and candidates’ choices should be respected without attempting to guess why someone picked what they did. Being able to assess a situation and one’s own comfort level with disclosing can be beneficial in the long run because candidates can get a sense of a workplace culture that would or would not be accommodating, which impacts job satisfaction and well-being (Santuzzi et al., 2019, Oud, 2018). There is a balance between the benefits of disclosing a disability and the risk of that disclosure causing the loss of a job opportunity, as well as the health insurance and financial stability that employment can provide. You’re also welcome to drop in whenever I’m in my office with my door open; how wide open my door is, is somewhat proportional to how open I am to being interrupted. Some people explained that if they have a physical disability and a mental disability, they will sometimes disclose the physical one, which has less stigma attached to it, as a way to judge how the mental disability would be understood if they accepted the job. This allows candidates to have time alone to reflect or prepare, have a snack, do breathing exercises, stretch, or anything else that people would like to do for fifteen minutes alone in order to continue performing at a high level in a stressful setting. Providing the questions to candidates in advance also allows people to adequately prepare to present the best version of themselves. Knowing priorities and boundaries ahead of interviews can help disabled librarians make informed decisions about what type of environment and job duties will best suit them day in and day out over potentially a long period of time. All of these require a level of self-reflection and knowledge of what works best for each person, این لینک given specific disabilities as well as other aspects of individual identities. With or without the above improvements to interview practices, academic librarians with disabilities can control certain aspects of the hiring process themselves. If you beloved this post and you would like to obtain far more details regarding کلیک کنید kindly visit our اینترنت site.